Is Sex A Huge Factor Every Week?

Research shows that a couple should try to have sexual relations at least three times a week. If you think about it, when you have that moment of intimacy with your spouse, you feel more relaxed and let’s face it sex does make people very happy. You may wonder, is there a specific number of days you and your partner should work the magic? To answer this question, many therapists have told others that sex equals out to one quarter of the happiness within a relationship or marriage. How much sex makes people happiest? Is there a magic number of times per week the average couple should aim for to keep both partners happy in bed and out?

If you and your partner are newly founded of course you will have sex a lot more than a couple who has been together for many years. Studies show that people who have been in a long-term relationship seem to have less sex overall. A lot of partners seem to think the urgency for sex daily is way too much to live up to and having a lot of sex can sometimes be a bad thing.

There have been studies ran before that have asked the couples to participate and instead of having sex roughly six to 7 times within a given month to now have sex 12-14 times in a month; most of those couples participating in the study came back and told others, it was the worst thing they could have done and made their moods a lot worse than those who kept their regular sex numbers. This just proves that not every couple is the same when it comes to sex.

If you ask people on the street you will probably receive an answer of, “Sex is once a week in my house.” kind of reply. With the average couple, anyway. Most people only have sex 5 times a month, which is completely absurd. Couples who have more sex are noticeably happier, and this is just once a week. Couples who have told others they have sex four or five times a week have been known to not feel anything more or happier than the couples only having sex once a week.

Just remember whenever you and your partner are relaxing and you become aroused, just try your luck. If you wait too long and go a while without having sex the pressure to try making up for the lost days where you hadn’t participated in sexual relations with your partner will be almost unbearable. You may think and feel you must go for a very long time while having sex because it has been so long and you want to pleasure each other to the full extent, so don’t let it get to that point.

Whether you have sex 4 times a week or once a week it doesn’t change much per studies based off the “average couple.” Just try to ensure that sex is a regular part of your weekly routine, for both a healthy relationship and a healthy you.

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